In a city that tries really hard to shine in fashion, you just never know what you are going to get in regards to a "real" fashion event. Saturday's "No Sleep Til... Deja Vu" was nothing less than spectacular! A hell of a party in celebration of Solestruck's 1st year anniversary, the event was a mash up of fashion and music for the chic and savvy hosted in the Spot space in North Portland.

The event featured indie designers Hello Eliza, Esque by Leslie Pennel, Degen, Stolen Girlfriend's Club and Brady Lange with live music from DJ Tah Rei (who is he? Must find him!), White Rainbow and the always entertaining Yacht. In addition to the fashion show there was an accessories installation which featured designs by Maria Black, Sabrina Dehoff, Nettie Kent, Chris Habana, AK Vintage, Uncommon Matters, and my new obsession Bjorg.

Highlights for me were: The glitter eyebrows on the the Brady Lange models, the whole collection from Hello Eliza (look out for more on this designer from me), the pajama pizza party on acid designs of Degen, jewelry from Bjorg (desert witch queen realness), and the OMG shirts from Esque by Leslie Pennel.

Designs by Brady Lange

Designs by Hello Eliza

Designs by Degen

Designs by Esque by Leslie Pennel