I’ll be the first one to admit it: I am a pescetarian, real fur-wearing, leather loving, cry-whenever-I-hear-Sarah McLachlan's-"I Will Remember You" type of girl. I know that doesn’t make any sense. And ever since I started sporting my new vintage fur collar people have been raising eyebrows at me. From being a vegetarian leather-loving babe, to a steak-eating fur hater, the line between totally fine and getting red paint thrown on you is definitely blurry. To me, real fur is okay to wear when coming from a vintage or secondhand source. However, buying “new” fur is not okay, and not in the same category as actually killing an animal just for their pelt. This is where shit gets grey. If you wear real fur, is that wrong because of what it stands for? PETA certainly thinks so, stating “Whether the animals were killed yesterday or 50 years ago, vintage fur sends the same unacceptable message as new fur—that it is OK to allow animals to languish in steel-jaw traps, have their necks snapped, or be skinned alive simply for the sake of vanity.” That seems a little extreme to me personally, but the question remains unanswered. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour’s answer to an inquiring Fashion Week journalist’s question, “Is there a way to wear fur this season?” was an icy, “There is always a way to wear fur, personally I have it on my back." That lends light to the fashion industry’s POV. What do you guys think?