There's no shortage of streetwear brands in this city. From the big guys at Nike and Adidas to a whole host of smaller labels, there are plenty of players vying for our dollars with their hoodies and T-shirts. Still, sometimes a new brand comes along and manages to stand out and claim a spot in the crowded market. The newest label hoping to do so is Bulle Classic, and I just got a chance to check out their new store on NW 10th between Glisan and Hoytt.

Founders Nichalus Woolley and Aaron Moiel draw inspiration for the label from the timber and sea trades that are so deeply rooted in Portland's economy and culture. They aim to distinguish themselves with their nautical style and high quality production standards. Their merchandise at this point mostly consists of sweatshirts, tank tops and baseball caps, but it will be interesting to see what else they do with their blue collar inspiration and laid back style as the brand grows. Some of the most interesting pieces are the beaded necklaces designed by Woolley (he started out as a jewelry designer). In addition to Bulle's in house line, the store also carries a variety of multi-colored sneakers to supplement the clothes.

Woolley and Moiel met when Moiel was doing web design for Woolley's previous jewelry line. Their business relationship grew from there, and the idea for Bulle was born.

Check out some of the goods: