It's been far too long since multi-media artist/designer/writer/musician Emily Katz showed up on the fashion radar (since 2010 to be precise), but next month she's back at it, with "In The Flower Months," combining her talents with an art/fashion literary event on November 17 at Breeze Block Gallery.


The collection will be a "select, capsule collection of naturally dyed silk, organic cotton, crochet, and linen... inspired by the dream poems of Jeevan Singh... The new clothing items include embroidery, hand drawn textile patterns, and gemstone beading." The garments are an extension of an art show also hosted by the gallery, and after the show they'll also be on display (ans available for purchase). Following that you'll be able to find them at Yo Vintage! beginning in December. “I am exploring garments that cross over between awake and asleep. The collection asks the viewer to step out of themselves, exposed, but also protected and comforted,” describes Katz, who has been, on and off, one of Portland's most popular apparel designers. Hopefully this bodes a more permanent return from her. Tickets are $7 and include a hosted bar and refreshments. Space is limited, so get your tickets sooner than later.