Step aside, Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl: America's favorite holiday will always be Black Friday, a day when soccer moms and teenage girls are allowed to gouge each other's eyes out with Sears forks in pursuit of the cheapest pashmina. As usual, Portland recently introduced its own version.

"Little Boxes" is a black Friday shopping event that was started last year by two local shop owners, Will Cervarich and Betsy Cross, co-owners of Betsy & Iya, in NW Portland. During the following two days after Thanksgiving, shops that are a part of this network will offer a 10% discount upon proof that you have purchased from one of the 160+ local shops involved. Little Boxes promotes shoppers to buy local gifts, instead of buying your niece yet another J. Crew sweater that she'll "accidentally" leave on the ground.

Upon purchasing from one of the listed stores, buyers can also enter into the raffle, with such prizes as a $600 shopping spree, or a twenty-person Ruby Jewel ice cream party. All that cold ice cream will soothe your Black Friday bruises!