Saturday night marked the return of designer/artist/writer Emily Katz to the local fashion scene after a two year hiatus, as she showed her new collection titled In the Flower Months. The presentation took place at the Breeze Block Gallery, in conjunction with an art exhibition by Katz of the same name. The artwork and the collection were inspired by the dream poems of writer Jeevan Singh, who opened the show by reading her work while sprinkling rose petals at the audience's feet. Some of Katz's freehand embroideries laid on sheer tulle hung from the ceiling along runway, with models weaving around them as they walked.

As one would expect from a collection inspired by dream poems, the clothes had a tranquil, ethereal quality, with several of the dresses made in a sheer silk linen. Some of the pieces I found the most interesting were the ones that inserted some structure and volume into the generally soft, floaty aesthetic—like a rosette handprinted wrap skirt in hemp that was paired with a grey jersey top; and a wool and leather jacket thrown over a white jersey dress and sheer blush top. There were also some more dramatic silhouettes, like the party dress with a full pink tulle skirt and silver/copper alligator print bodice; and the show-stopping red silk gown with one side in a completely sheer lace, overlaid with freehand embroidery.

The entire collection will be available at Yo Vintage! beginning in December, and if you missed the show, you can still catch the exhibition at the gallery until the end of the month. In the meantime, check out some of the clothes:

  • Randall Garcia & Mikola Accuardi