Crafty Wonderland is back with its biannual rotating line-up of regional vendors selling affordable handmade arts and crafts (your grandma in Wisconsin will be thrilled you sent her something that isn't made by slave children in Malaysia), supplementing the brick 'n' mortar version that tides us over in the meanwhiles. But there are many events connected to Crafty throughout the next month, such as:

~A Holiday Wacky Photo Booth!~

Want to send your relatives a Christmas card of you wearing tacky Christmas shit, but you don't actually have any tacky Christmas shit? Well let the Crafty Wonderland shop's Wacky Holiday Booth do the work for you! Bring your ugliest sweater (or they'll provide one), pick out a prop, and they'll photograph you in front of a green screen. Then you pick out your favorite/ugliest background, and FWOOSH! Your family can pretend that you're still a good Christian girl! (Prints are $4, or you can download it yourself later for $1.) Friday, noon-4 pm, Crafty Wonderland, 808 SW 10th.

~WIN BIG with Little Boxes!~

  • Little Boxes Facebook Event

You've seen us gabbing away about Little Boxes already, but it's actually happening this (Black) Friday and (bleak) Saturday! Come into one of the 170 "Little Boxes" to purchase a raffle ticket. Prizes include an iPad, spa packages, a $600 shopping spree, and a bunch of other really expensive shit you couldn't otherwise afford.

~TRIPLE Supportland Points!~

This Friday and Saturday, you can ALSO earn triple points with Supportland businesses!

~The Crafty Wonderland Super Colossal Holiday Sale!!~


On Saturday December 8th and Sunday December 9th, Crafty Wonderland is going to host its gigantic sale at the Convention Center (think: a hippie/yuppie/vegan Church bazaar). Check out the vendors!

*Whew* I'm already exhausted, and we haven't even gotten to the effing Turkey yet.