Oh boy, here we go: Love her, hate her, or blame her, Yoko Ono is... not boring. You know this already through her unholy hooting and screeching music and art, but now you can look forward to her take on men's fashion, featuring such items as a boot with an attached incense container that smokes while you walk around. Hello, necessary.

  • Yoko Ono

That's just one of a collection of men's fashion sketches Ono produced in 1969 called "Fashion for Men," which she presented as a wedding present to John Lennon, with designs meant to highlight aspects of his "very sexy bod":

Sadly, the collection went unproduced at the time (when it would have probably gone over like gangbusters), but the people behind Opening Ceremony have made it happen, with the 52-piece collection hitting their New York and LA stores next week. "Men’s fashion has not changed that much," says Ono of the time lapse between sketch and store. "That’s why I wanted to say with my designs, ‘Hey, loosen up, guys!’ I think they will have a lot of fun wearing these clothes I visualized in 1969.”