Anytime we see new fashion designers who aren't gay white men or het white girls, I'm all in favor. This is only part of what made "Sensual: a Latin Fashion and Music Event" (on November 16) a success, in my eyes. Though the music portion was bleak, the dancing (put on by 7 Stars Dance Company) was excellent, and the fashion often left me saying to myself, "Huh, that's actually pretty tight."

The event was put on by photographer Melissa Toledo and jewelry designer Melodia Segura.

Andres M. Pinedo had some very elegant looks:

  • Edward Narea

And Zulay Serrano of "Oh, Diosas!" (which sounds like a catch phrase from a character on Telemundo primetime) had some bold colors and great shapes, like sexy Sesame Street:

Jonathon Chavesmolina of Coconut Swim created some intricate, interesting swimsuits. I'd almost wear this one, if I looked like her:

China Zamboanga's "Rude Star" style reflected more of a sporty, Zoolander effect:

  • E. Narea

Carlos Serrano of Azibo Styles was really into that bright t-shirt and black pant look:

And the night ended in a blaze of "J Ride" by Julian Stefoni:

  • Raj Rathod

His styles were a bit too ill-fitting and retro, but his looks were certainly memorable.

Overall, it was a well-organized event, and I'm glad to see that Portland's Latino community is taking sexy back.