Longtime favorite SE vintage store Xtabay decided to have some fun and raise a little charity money for the Cascade AIDS Project, and so they're throwing a holiday fashion show this Saturday showcasing, in part, a recently acquired collection of unworn coats circa the 1960s. "Wool coats by AndrÉ CourrÈges, leathers and furs by Bonnie Cashin and brightly colored wool jackets trimmed in leather by Samuel Roberts. Most of these vintage gems haven't seen the light of day in over 40 years and still contain their original price tags." If you've been holding out on a winter coat purchase this year, you may well have been shrewd to save your pennies.

  • '60s coat, like new.

There will also be plenty of party-wear and occasion ideas, all within the fantasy dress-up playground that is the upstairs Xtabay bridal salon (2536 SE 25th). Tickets are $8 with all proceeds going to the benefit, and go on sale at the shop at 11 am on Saturday.