A new jewelry line just launched in Portland, an event I imagine roughly occurs once every eight minutes. But Bevy has a clever, original angle on the market: Simple "industrial chic" amulet "grid necklaces" that are custom-coded to represent significant dates—birthdays, anniversaries, etc. It's sentimental, like so much jewelry is, but a simple, clean, modern design. Plus, secret codes are just cool.

  • Bevy

Founder Fatima Al-Dahwi got the idea on an airplane, where she saw "a really trendy, hipster girl wearing a necklace with hearts gemstones that didn't match her skinny jeans, beanie, and motorcycle boots... at all. While we're sure this piece had a ton of meaning, we wondered if we could do just a bit better: combine sexy, chic, and modern with personal and meaningful." While nothing can replace grandma's good pearls, I like the idea of creating a new type of heirloom that's so simple in design. The grid pendants manage to look both vintage in a deco kind of way and futuristic. Plus the shape is mysterious, like vial or a key. They come in both gold and silver options, and, I think, could work on either a man or a woman.