As you may have noticed, you are being enticed more than usual to part ways with your dollars this month in the name of holiday gift giving. And while bowing to the pressure is hardly a virtue in itself, there are certainly more virtuous ways to scratch the itch (shopping at local outlets or better yet, buying products that are actually made in the region). Ignoring the big chain giants, and in addition to the regular updates posted daily on MOD, we've given a special place on the internet over to weekly roundups of all the sales, pop-ups and trunk shows designed to make the process of local holiday shopping easy, fun, and cost effective (like the Emily Katz sample sale, where you can score Portland-designed and produced womenswear for a tiny fraction of the original retail cost). Look for a new update with each new issue of the digital edition from now till the new year.

A look from Emily Katzs most recent runway show