When I think "Portland fashion," I think of sustainably made dresses and vintage (wet) coats. That's why "SPARK: A Winter Solstice Fashion Show" on Friday, December 14th will be the most Portland-y of all the Portland fashion shows. Numerous local designers such as Ecovibe, Xtabay, and Mag-Big will be showcasing their locally-made, eco-friendly styles. For $35, you get tiny Bunk sandwiches, sweets from The Sugar Cube, Hot Lips Pizza, and handmade pies from The Pie Spot. Come for the fashion, stay for the pie.

  • Alyson Clair

  • Sylvania

  • Xtabay

Your $35 will also go towards EcoTrust; a business with a very vague website that supports nonprofits, small businesses, and, uh, like, the community and stuff... Check it out here.
What sounds fun about this event, in addition to seeing a ton of cool local designers, is that the show takes place on different floors of the EcoTrust building, and there will be dancing after the show. How else are you going to work off all that pie?