Designer Crispin Argento of Pino will be on an expert panel in part one of a lecture series on Portland's economic landscape titled The Why Behind the Weird, tonight at Kells Brew Pub. The panel will discuss an academic paper by PSU professors Greg Schrock and Jason Jurjevich that asked, "Is Portland truly the place where young people go to retire?" *insert eye roll*. Portlandia references aside, the event promises a meaningful dialogue about the city's entrepreneurial spirit, with Argento there to speak about the local fashion industry. Among the topics of discussion will be how business, apparel, and government communities can work together to build growth within the industry. This is a deeply important topic to anyone who loves the local fashion community, and I look forward to hearing what Argento has to say.

The event is being put on by City Club of Portland and is free to members. Tickets are $5 for non-members and can be purchased here or at the door the night of. Get full event details here.