If you’re on a super budget/time crunch (like me) inexpensive gifty bits for loved ones aren’t always easy to find. Here’s what's on my list, and hopefully some ideas for yours:

Super rad raccoon skull from Worn Path.
  • Worn Path
  • Super rad raccoon skull from Worn Path, $20

Glitter Garlands For All, 12
  • Gaby Verberg.
  • Down to Frown Custom Garlands, $12

Records from Jump Jump
  • Yelp
  • Records from Jump Jump

From Boys Fort last year.
  • From Boy's Fort last year.

Antlers, skeletons, or anything of the taxidermy nature.
Ideal for your bestie who wears exclusively black and has a jack-o-lantern tattooed on her arm. Check out Worn Path, Oregon Leather, and Paxton Gates.

Jazzy Garlands
For anyone and everyone you need a gift for look to local babe Beth Scheppke. Her etsy shop Down To Frown Custom Garlands are absolutley ace! Available in 5 shades of GLITTER, a measly $12 bucks will get you a custom made hand cut garland with a up to 13 characters long. My personal faves include “Get Sassy,” “I'm A Belieber,” and “Buzzkill.” Get yours here!

Records, shit music people like.
Byeee Ipoddels! For your hard to impress roomie, hipster boyfriend, or dear old Dad scope out some vinyl at local insititution Jump Jump Music. Any major dude will tell you, record players rule!

Terrariums, succulents, cute plants in weird objects.
Perfect for your Mom, earthy sister, or coworker, foiliage is still all the rage. If you are crafty you should totes go for one of these awesome DIY ideas. I however, am going to pop by Boy’s Fort at The Govener Hotel. Last year they had these incredible Cabbage Patch doll head plant things that I’m still kicking myself in the shins for not getting.