Yes please.

As the year comes to a close it is the perfect time to make resolutions, take a second to re-evaluate, and hit the ground running in the New Year. Now I’m not a granny or anything but I am not getting any younger. Doing a little reflecting of my own I realized I have been breaking a few of the cardinal rules in skincare, style, and overall mind, body wellness. (The first step is admitting your issues right?) Therefore I am going to do my damnedest to actually follow through with my resolutions, and make 2013 “my” year! What are you some of your resolutions? Not to make resolutions? Hit the gym, be a “yes” person, whatever they may be I’ve read writing down your goals, and telling your friends makes you more inclined to follow through. So...Here’s my top three for 2013!

1. I will not sleep with my makeup on.
Although this may seem like an absolute no brainer, after a few glasses of Malbec it happens much more often then it should. Besides just being gross, your skin will get clogged up with dirt, oil, and bacteria. Also sleeping with mascara and eyeliner on can cause your lashes to become dry and brittle. If you really can’t make it to the sink before hitting the sheets, stash some makeup cleansing wipes next to your bed. I just pick up the generic kind from Walgreen’s or Freddies, the options are endless.

2 .I will not buy cheap shit from F21 or H&M.
Ugh you would think after going to that incredible event with Elizabeth Cline I would have given up the cheap goods forever. Alas, I did have a mini Forever 21 spree about a month ago, and I still feel bad. To each his own, but for 2013 I want to purge my closet of all junk and focus on a very carefully curated wardrobe. I basically want it to be like Frances May, where clothes are so much more than clothes, they are art. Each item is exquisite, with impeccable quality and longevity that will undoubtedly last past one season. The focus will be investing in a few amazing pieces per season, first on my list, a custom hat from Pinkham Millinery, and anything by Adam Arnold.

3. I will limit my drinking to 2 nights a week.
Talk about empty calories. Drinking is the absolute pitfall when it comes to diet and exercise. It’s like a chain reaction, go to an event, drink, continue the party well into the night, then either the hangover sets in or you seem to be late to work out in the morning. In Portland there is always an art opening, fashion thing, or music show to go to. Going forth, it is essential to prioritize partying nights! Since I’m terrible at math I found this evil website that adds up all of your drinking cals during the week, check out your number here.