In high school I was the furthest thing from a jock as you could get, so I never knew the glory of wearing a varsity jacket. If that was the case for you too, and you have always secretly longed to represent something in the form of a jacket decorated with embroidery, then this collaboration is for you. Ace Hotel has teamed up with Centralia Knitting Mills to create the Ace Hotel Centralia Varsity Jacket. Centralia is a family-run mill in Washington that has been making varsity jackets since 1939, and they make them the same way today as they did all those years ago. The Ace Varsity Jacket is made from 24 ounce pure virgin boiled melton wool at Pendleton's woolen mills and chain-stitched with the Ace team logo on the archival machinery at Centralia. Available at Ace Hotels in Portland, Seattle, New York, and online, this jacket will set you back $300, but it is sure to keep you warm and dry with its high quality wool, and the color scheme goes well with the weather here, which of course, is grey.