In the last Mercury of 2012 (tear), I asked a bunch of the city's style insiders what their favorite moments were from the year. According to the "fashionably late" stereotype, a number of these people did not get back to me until after deadline. However! The rest of what these latecomers had to say, with insights from representatives of Portland's Pretty, Odessa, House of Coco, and Yo Vintage!. Read 'em while 2013 still has that new-year smell.

Marissa Sullivan, Portland's Pretty

I thought the No Sleep Til... Deja Vu party, which was for Solestruck flagship store's one year anniversary, was the best fashion event of the year, with Yacht playing an awe-inspiring set, Degen making their models dance in underwear, and how Esque by Leslie Pennel sent down one after the other gorgeous leather peplum looks. Or how the Chloe Spring 2013 Ready To Wear show stole my heart with its sheer pastels, metallic heels, tailored shorts, and crisp white Japanese polyester looks. Then how there was this breakout sister trio called Haim that completely won me over with their first single "Forever." Their harmonizing is spot on, but their style is what really gets me going with their whole '90s 90210 meets 2012 rocker girl aesthetic. And what about Pinterest becoming the biggest time suck for budding stylists, fashionistas, and experienced style bloggers alike?

A look from ChloÉ's Spring show.
  • Tilda Lindstam (IMG)
  • Chloe

Bree Goertzen, Odessa

I love all of the color that has been present in fashion this year. While I tend to have a pretty toned down fashion palette I’ve really enjoyed the way color and pattern have been catching my eye and pulling my heart strings in 2012. To this, there is no one who has worn color and pattern better this year than Solange Knowles! Her "Losing You" video is a perfect example of this, and her lovely music is pretty great too!

Coco Madrid, House of Coco

It’s been a good year filled with great fashion events, trends, and inspirations. Here are some of my favorites! 1) New Goth: Saw a surge of this aesthetic in fashion, music, and film. New goth has proved to be chic and accessible to everyone. Mixing mystery and fantasy and some well done black nails, you can take your LBD to new levels with attention to detail and texture. All black everything! Into it. 2) Bad Bitch Style: We got a taste of this from Iggy Azalea, Gita Speaxdaily, and Brooke Candy. '90s throw back/bizarro world Peg Bundy/long scary nails. (Side note: One of my new favorite local designers, Hello Eliza is a prime example of this style. Check out her "Gangland" collection for the best in Bad Bitch clothing.) 3) The rise of Plus Size Bloggers: An issue that is near and dear to me! Finally the fashion world takes notice of the many fashionable fat girls of the internet. Mega online publications like the New York Times, Huffington Post, and Refinery29 covered the elite Plus Bloggers that have inspired me for over five years. This is definitely not just a trend but a revolution in the making. Event of the year goes to the Solestruck 1st year anniversary party. I am still thinking about all the great designers, dÉcor, and music that made this night one to remember. It was a great example of how a proper fashion event should go. Can’t wait for next year’s party!

  • Hello Eliza

Kayla Rekofke, Yo Vintage!

I absolutely loved Leandra Medine’s, aka the Man Repeller’s wedding. Her couture Marchesa dress (ultimate dream!), moto jacket, and a flower crown were utter perfection. Overall The Man Repeller is brilliant. I identify with her sense of style, age, and the way she doesn’t make fashion seem so “serious.” Although she’s become quite the it girl, I think her reign as top blogging babe is here to stay well into 2013. It might come off as bitchy, but every celebrity has money, time, and personal training sessions at their disposal, so it wouldn’t be that hard to look great all the time. I like the way real girls pull together outfits and street style trends. Most of my fashion inspiration comes from my closest group of girlfriends. I envy Anna Branch’s effortless layering ability, Melissa LaChance’s boho, luxe, Olsen twin-esque vibe, and Maya Dahlgreen’s Americana, rocker leather, dark, witchy looks. Favorite Collections: Alexander McQueen Spring 2013 RTW. Sarah Burton consistently gets it right, seamlessly keeping the late Alexander McQueen’s spirit alive while clearly making her own legacy. Chanel Spring 2013 RTW. Who could forget the fucking hoola-hop purse? Still obsessed, good one Uncle Karl. Book: Add More Ing~ To Your Life by Gabrielle Bernstein. Event: Coachella 2012. Decor: This year I loved thrifting for vintage teacups, dishes, and other little bits to stash jewelry, makeup, and odds and ends in my bedroom!

Alexander McQueen