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New Years, ugh! I won’t go all Jenny Craig on you, but I am definitely feeling the repercussions of a holiday season spent partying, staying up way too late, and traveling. I am totes not a “gym” person, so besides the occasional yoga class I don’t have a routine fitness plan. Enter 2013, and my pending birthday. I decided it’s now time to really get serious about not only losing weight, but feeling healthy and more balanced.

If you hate doing millions of crunches and logging hours on the elliptical here are a few fun ways to get that metabolism kickin’:

Jazzercise: Get jazzy! One of my closest friends swears by Jazzercise, saying that she not only sweats bullets, but has a lot of fun doing it. Seeing her re-enact the moves is enough to get me to tag along for a class. Check out the Jazzercise Portland website here to find pricing and the class schedule.

Volleyball, or any rec-league sport: I joined a rec-league vball team last fall and couldn’t be happier. Growing up I played competitive volleyball from the time I was 10 all the way through high school. One of the best parts of joining a rec-league team is meeting new people and getting to play a sport I love. Check out portlandvolleyball.org to find a team. Underdogportland.com also makes it super simple to create or find a team to play on for Football, Softball, Volleyball, Dodgeball, and Kickball, and there are plenty of options for all levels of athletes.

Pole Dancing Class: Although I haven’t yet tried pole dancing, I can tell you after many a visits to Sassy’s I know it would be quite the workout. Enter Ecdysiast A Pole Dance Studio. Your first class is just $20, and you get a full introduction to the exciting and elusive skill of pole dancing. Click here for more deets on how to register! I’m thinking of getting a group of girls together for a fun hour of sweatin’ and shakin’.