Fuck you, Joshua Tree! With your balmy January weather, gorgeous hiking destinations, and eclectic bohemian community! As you may or may not know, the Tree stole a few of our artists for a while, including Lisa Schonberg (Explode into Colors, Secret Drum Band), clothing and costume designer/musician (also Explode into Colors) Heather Treadway, video artists Jodi Darby and Julie Perini, Allan Wilson (chk!chk!chk!), and Tara Jane Oneil. They made off to the desert for "Hits of Sunshine," a multi-media, site-specific performance that it looked like Portland would never see, barring a plane ticket. However! Now that they've returned to colder climes with even more gorgeous hiking destinations, they're bringing the show to Disjecta on the 19th in the form of Darby's documentary video, plus a live performance of the "sound work, video, and fashion" that went into it. So there.

  • Jodi Darby