This is the time of the year where most people try to rid their bodies of the booze and crap they consumed the last couple of months and start fresh. I am not really a fan of New Year's resolutions or crazy beginning of the year exercise and diet plans, because inevitably they are abandoned and old habits win. I am a huge believer of starting with small and easy to execute rituals that lead to a healthier life, and this one is cheap, fast, and super simple. Dry skin brushing takes about a minute a day and offers huge benefits. Often called the third kidney, the skin is the largest organ of the body and is responsible for a quarter of the body's detoxification, resulting in one pound of waste each day (so gross, I know.) Dry skin brushing stimulates the lymphatic system which in turns helps your body to detoxify itself. Other benefits include dead skin cell removal, a stronger immune system, reduced cellulite, and tighter skin.

As I said before, dry skin brushing is super simple. All you do is start at the bottom of the feet and brush up and always toward the heart. Brush upwards on the legs and torso and down on your chest. Then brush up the hands and arms. Do this everyday before showering or bathing, preferably in the morning. Brushes can be found pretty much anywhere, but make sure it has natural bristles and opt for one with a long handle to reach your back. I have been doing this everyday for a while and I personally definitely feel the benefits, plus if I am feeling a little sluggish doing this and taking a quick shower always makes me feel energized.

This creepy puppet says, Make sure to dry brush your skin everyday!
  • Elizabeth Mollo
  • This creepy puppet says, "Make sure to dry brush your skin everyday!"