Mada Beauty is bringing up the rear in our round-up of style predictions for the coming year (check out the rest here), but theirs is all hair. Says Mada's Thad Grace:

To look forward, sometimes we need to look back. Hair has been heavily inspired by many decades from the 1900's over the last few years. Those eras have been combined and mixed together to create fresh new takes on hair from the 40's through the 90's and back again. we believe that this will continue this spring. Yes, braids will continue to look fresh. Yes, low pony tails will still be around. Yes, pastel hair will maintain relevance. However, the biggest movement in hair will quite literally be "movement".

Curls are coming back with a vengeance. Inspired by the late 70's shapes of Farrah Fawcett blended with the "Hair Band" look of the 80's, hair is moving toward a more wild aeon. Color will move toward a more washed out vibe with golds and pastels prevailing.

Hair design by Mada Beauty Creative Team
  • Eric Rose
  • Hair design by Mada Beauty Creative Team