May Juliette Barruel, the master curator and brains behind Portland's favorite concept shop, delivers a magical lineup of art and events this month.

Saturday night delivered the opening for Pattern Assembly, Portland artist Lindsay Kennedy's vibrant collection of paintings, a "body of work that effectively sets the scene for fun, money and, perhaps more subtly, the inevitable emotional wreckage caused by such nouveau riche tendencies." This translates as Miami Vice-inspired details and canvases that "burst with milky swipes." That sexy description alone is enough to get me to the exhibition. Until then, here is a teaser for your eyes:


If you missed the opening don't fret. Kennedy's show runs through February 17th.

Once you get your visual art fix, tickle your eardrums and taste buds at Nationale's first collaboration with Stumptown Coffee Roasters. On Thursday Jan. 17 Nationale and Stumptown present a reading from Joseph Mains, Drew Scott Swenhaugen and Zachary Schomburg, the trio (and talented poets) behind Portland's BAD BLOOD series.

(These guys are easy on the eyes too)
  • (These guys are easy on the eyes too)

The magic happens at 7pm and will be fueled by Stumptown snacks and beers from Gigantic Brewing.

See you there.