Check out this amazing tarot-inspired lookbook shoot done by Sugarhigh & Lovestoned in collaboration with the designer’s personal tarot mentor Victoria Kray of Vega Jewelry. I can’t get over how rad this concept is! Combining every gypsy's boho’s favorite things: tarot, velvet, and of course loads of amaze jewels, I’m lovin’ this look. Check out the full spread here, and peep below for descriptions of each card. If you fall in love with the looks as much as I did, shop them here.

  • Emman Montalvan

Dreaming IS free and she represents the Daydream Believer who knows how to breathe, believe & receive. Her youthful & romantic joie de vivre is contagious. She raises her glass to Life and magnetizes helpers and support when her emotions are positive and heart-filled. When the surge of emotions are painful, she may need to let the cup spill over so she can let go-and resume the flow. Either way, it’s okay-because her secret garden of an inner world is hers alone-if you are invited to enter, get ready to FEEL.

Her motto is “GIVE and you shall receive.” She knows how to take care of herself and enjoy the material world, but always remembers that her greatest resource is her inner strength. If times are tough, call on her ability to snap into work mode, hustle if necessary, and get it done! Take a time out from the social scene if you need to focus on building a life that feels safe and comfortable. When you return from the journey, you will be the money, honey. And drinks are on you-wink, wink.

She calls on the North Wind when she wants to get some help from Mother Earth. She’s a bit impatient and sometimes overeager, but her intentions are striving for clarity and action. New projects and big challenges turn her on. The key with the Swords are making the energy constructive and not destructive. If you feel yourself going into judgement and hyper-critical thinking, pull out the sword and cut away the things that can go bye-bye. Your aim is sharp and always true.

Sacred Play is this young lady’s jam. She is inspired and full of spirit-everything she does seems to spark from a primal energy of creation. The Wands this free spirit holds are Fiery, so don’t double-cross this Mama! Her heart is on fire and her passion is palpable. Stand back-her essence is about to burst into full bloom and will roll over anything in her way that isn’t for her highest good or that blocks her freedom.

She’s self-assured and has the ability to wave her wand and make magic! It helps that she has a full set of tools which she picked up on the hero’s journey. She has known desperate wanting and has evolved: now she has a matter-of-fact knowing that what she wants, she can create when she gets in the vortex. Manifestation is a muscle she’s been working. The Magician reminds us to follow Universal law and practice creating white light, often. Life’s what you make it... the message is: get clear and take action

The Feminine often appears in our lives as Mother, Lover, and Teacher when she is working the Empress energy. Being in nature is like being held in her arms. Be like the Empress and consciously choose to shift into the most compassionate version of your self if you are being challenged. Go somewhere green or dip into the ocean and connect with her. Open up your heart and let the birdies out of their cage. Then, kiss the ground and thank her or make love sweetly with your honey. Give nourishment = Be nourished.

“To everything, turn, turn, turn. There is a season, turn, turn, turn” goes the song. Destiny has a specific timing and you never know when that wheel is gonna turn again and life suddenly feels like it’s shifting in a big way. When the Wheel stops and lands on you, be prepared to make a move, step it up, or receive the 411 the Divine is about to deliver. A detour route can sometimes be what comes with this card-it’s up to you to decide if that is a blessing or a curse.