For most people, February-April are pretty much the most boring months of the year. It's a good time to go to Mexico and escape the plodding eternal Northwest spring, or to write a novel/record an album/perfect the art of homemade yogurt. But for brides, it is GO TIME. Wedding-planning season for spring/summer nuptials is about to go fever-pitch, and as anyone who's ever been involved in one of these brouhahas knows, they typically involve lots and lots of money.

So, as a small relief from the otherwise continuous bloodletting, the Mercury is giving away two tickets to the previously mentioned Rocked, Portland Bride & Groom's extravaganza at the Nines (Feb 17), which is sort of like the IKEA of wedding planning, with the hotel's ballroom split into wildly themed model receptions (last year's included a Gaga-themed wedding, involving "fur, leather, and studs," but don't hold that against them) and over 100 vendors.

Want 'em? Email me by 5 pm today, at which point I will choose a winner at rando.