I am trying soooo hard to enjoy this season of Project Runway. I didn't for once go into it with a chip on my shoulder or a wag in my finger. I was honestly looking forward to just kicking back and having fun with it.

But so far? It just keeps on being boring. For once I'm hoping that the producers are about to unleash some new horrifying twist and throw everyone off their games. Needs more tears, needs more blood. As for Portland contestant Michelle Lesniak Franklin, she's doing okay:

Spoilers beyond!

Totally fine, passable, sufficient, etc, but not standing out either. I have to think she's a finalist because... Tim was here, dammit, but things have got to start turning around for that to happen.

Otherwise, only two or three real emotions have been raised: My continuing love of Daniel, who has really been the winner of every challenge thus far. And as out of touch as this week's loser Cindy was, I really wanted to see Benjamin get the boot. His mouth will not stop writing checks that his skills cannot even begin to figure out how to endorse, much less cash. He is right behind her in line for the exit. Arguably, she cut. And while I get the sense that Patricia might be somewhat annoying to be around, she definitely has a touch of genius. Her insane detailing keeps raising the brows of her fellow designer teammates, but they should start trusting her. I'm reminded a bit of the chiding Leanne Marshall received when it was her turn, sitting in a corner of the workshop toiling way on a pile of tiny pleats and then handing everyone else their asses. Patricia and Joseph are certainly the two with the most to offer in terms of unique design ideas, but I'm still holding out for Joseph to really spread his wings (get that Amanda "my brother's in Maroon 5" Valentine person away from him and let him do his thing). Which would totally be a good excuse for this show to have a CAT SWEATER CHALLENGE.

I mean this is pretty cute, but it's a compromise:

But no here we are with another "make clothes for Heidi" challenge so she has something to wear while shilling her latest swag, in this case a perfume that is surely destined for Bi-Mart. This one had two winners, and Daniel nailed it, with a materials assist from Patricia, because they are both magical kind souls who transcend the mental vagaries of this sick Project Runway game.

And then there's this one, who spit a bunch of obnoxious game at the outset but has been preeetty quiet of late. Her dress was fully alright (although corset closures are a total fit copout), I just hope she doesn't get cocky again because it's no fun to listen to.

And this is how the materials you choose, when you make just about the worst choice one could possibly fathom, can completely trainwreck an otherwise passable garment:

Because really, Benjamin biffed it harder by just crudely winding leather around his clearly unhappy model until she couldn't breathe. This photo is far too kind to it:

This is from last week, but just to review:

Two last things: Kristen Davis is unlikeable. Zac's necktie is amazing. It's only good because he's doing it to himself.