A new product line, "M. Steves," launched this weekend at Blush Beauty Bar on NW 23rd. I recently met with THE "M. Steves" for an interview, in her quest to be the next best-selling provider of "high-impact, natural, anti-aging skin care." She is quite high-impact herself; a graduate of Parsons school of design, an ex-corporate attorney and interior decorator, and an LA resident.

  • M. Steves

Steves' selling point is the anti-aging benefits of rose hip seed oil. "Rose hip seed oil is different than just rose oil," Steves' notes. Rose hip seed oil is derived from very few places in the world, and in the case of her product, high in the Chilean Andes mountains. What makes rose hip oil different, according to Steves, is that it has "the highest percentage of natural fatty acids, like Omega-3" out of any anti oxidizing agent. Steves' also makes her proprietary blends using a particular mixture of "anti-aging botanical actives." "Not all oils work well with rose hip seed oil," says Steves.

Her products range in pricing; from affordable to hardcore. The consumer can commit to her product in varying degrees; from a once-or-twice-a-day pat of her serum, to an elaborate, multi-step regimen. Her product has already sold tremendously well in its hometown of LA, as well as at its Blush launch this weekend. "I have customers that are on their 5th round of purchases, and we just launched last November," Steves dishes.

She was kind enough to donate free samples of her product to me, including the lovechild of her line, the "RHSO Power-Packed Ultra-Nourishing Boost." After using this product for a few days, I can safely say this product gets an A+ for anti-aging; this magical "boost" serum fought my age so well that my face broke out like an overweight 15 year old in gym class. This could have been due to a number of other factors; I'm in my twenties and have an oily complexion. I also have yet to grow the wrinkles that maybe are necessitated for such a product. But if you're looking to fight some of those years off your face, I'd recommend at least giving it a try. It's all-natural; can't hoit, right?