Way back in January, the lineup for the annual Fade to Light fashion show (the brainchild of serial fashion show collaborator and MOD contributor Elizabeth Mollo) was announced, featuring new designs from local standouts like Bryce Black, Ms. Wood, Chicago Harper, plus new participants (neckwear collaboration with DJ Gregarious, anyone?) Tickets will most likely sell out for the event, scheduled for next Wednesday the 27th, and they just went on sale yesterday, so get 'em while they're fresh out the oven.

Emit: Another new addition to the Fade to Light runway.
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  • Emit: Another new addition to the Fade to Light runway.

One of the things that distinguished Fade to Light, is the fact that each collection is preceded by a short film—designers are given free reign through this medium, and it's anyone's guess what the result will look like but photographer Lavenda Memory sent over a sneak peek of Ms. Wood's submission, featuring a ballet-inspired palette of black and pink. I'm listening.

Now about this Gregarious/PINO collaboration. Gregarious T. Cline explains:

This came together for a few reasons: I love wearing ties, but hate that they are so synonymous with "work." I find the skinny tie only works on a certain body type and a certain outfit. I wanted a more healthy, sensuous tie. A tie that looks like it's trying to get off your neck and join the party. A tie so fat it made my face look skinny no matter what day of the week I wore it. I had started wearing a makeshift tie design of my own doing a few months a go. People would compliment me on it, but Elizabeth [Mollo, also Gregarious' partner] detested it. Being she's the love of my life, this, of course, fueled my desire to pursue the matter further. I ran into [PINO designer] Crispin [Argento] at a party and got into my head that I had to legitimize the tie, and asked him if he would collaborate and show at Fade to Light. I then told Elizabeth that Crispin had expressed an interest in showing at F2L, and could I invite him (omitting my inclusion, of course)? Now I'm in over my head and loving it!

Elizabeth is always right, but I live by finding out the hard way, so we'll see. Crispin has been an amazing ally. He has consistently reminded me to follow my voice while adding a perspective of humor, polish, and perfection. An important element that he caught on to and thought vital to convey was my love of vintage style. We shopped for tie fabrics but everything left us unsatisfied, so we decided to breathe new life into gorgeous, funky vintage ties. Hence a collaboration with Hollywood Vintage for the complimenting outfits.