With the vast majority being made in overseas factories, the art of custom shoe crafting has come very near to the brink of extinction in recent times. Thankfully, there's been a revival of sorts, just as there's been similar returns to tradition in everything from food production (hi home canning and kimchee and kombucha!) to local small-batch manufacturing (welcome back, Butcher, Baker, and Candlestick Maker!).

Halo Shoes has long been Portland's ground zero for serious shoes, and in their current location they have the luxury of a workshop space to accommodate those who are ready to take their obsession to the next level and start getting their hands dirty. Enter Daniel McRorie, a Brooklyn shoemaker who Halo brought out to teach a workshop next weekend wherein participants will make their own pair of moccasins (from pre-drafted patterns, thankfully eliminating the suckiest part). Speaking of serious, the workshop is about as cheap as a pair of shoes from Halo (read: not cheap), but reading my Q&A with the guy in this week's Sold Out column? Totally free.

  • Tracy Allen Bailey Jr.