While Portland contestant Michelle Lesniak Franklin enjoys multiple wins and sails into finalist territory, Project Runway producers' efforts to dig up new recruits are beautifully timed in the area. These people are no strangers to research, and certain local designers have been fielding persistent phone calls and emails, but they are also, as is their vampiric nature, always looking for fresh prey.

Should you want, for whatever reason, to throw your hat into the godforsaken ring of reality television fashion, they are currently casting for Season 12. From now until April 8, you can make yourselves known to them (procedures here) at your own risk. Remember, being a good designer is one thing, but your comfort level in front of the camera, your ability to start/withstand drama, and your ability to produce soundbites will all be called into evaluation. Those of us watching at home thank you in advance for your sacrifice. May you not be cursed with the first out.

Wants to kick you out.