Back in the '90s Portland only really had one thing going for it if you didn't have money to throw at clothes but didn't want to shop at Ross or Target: tons and tons of amazing vintage. Since then there's been a massive surge in personally curated, lovely boutiques, but vintage continues to proliferate, even if competition is fierce and the vintage crowd often puts as much back into creating lookbooks and online shopping as anyone else. It's not only one of the most cost effective ways to dress, it's one of the least impactful, and if the fashion industry's efforts to reform its toxic ways is going to stick, that's a quality that should be glamorized.

Doing its part is Vintalier Vintage, opening next week at NW 13th & Flanders.

Pretty lookbook photos? Check!
  • Vintalier Vintage
  • Pretty lookbook photos? Check!

In addition to a closely selected collection of true vintage, Vintalier also offers pre-loved modern pieces, and keeps the entire stock to high standard of quality and condition. As owner Ellen Hsu puts it, "Vintalier is creating a new category of vintage, one that bridges the gap between the thrifty hipster and the
early to mid-century loyalist.” Actually started as a blog in 2009, the new brick 'n' mortar has been a long time coming. On Thursday, April 4 (6-9 pm), they're inviting all comers to check them out at a party with Aveda Institute students offering free makeovers and 10% off (15% if you bring a buddy).