As fiendish as I am about sun protection on virtually every other inch of my body, I'll admit to a relative delinquence when it comes to my scalp, and the weekend's amazing weather underscored the fact that this is the kind of thing that needs to be worked out sooner than we thought. The obvious solution to this is a frigging hat or two, yet for some reason it's hard to bite the bullet for silly reasons like the fear of hat head and the difficulty in finding a hat that's just right and committing to it. I don't like the idea of wearing the same hat for three months straight, so that means finding several hats that are just right, which I do all the time with stuff like jeans and shoes and coats and sunglasses and I don't know why I'm being a baby and hats are just harder for some reason.

The folks at Windowwall salon, which is hosting a trunk show for Brooklyn milliner Brookes Boswell this month, appear to feel my pain:

Buying a hat is often one of the hardest decisions. Thinking, "Is the shape right? Does it allow enough light? Can I hide well enough? Do I love the fabric?" And most importantly, "Does it fit well?"... It all begins with the fit and the design.

Which sounds like... you just gotta try on a lot of hats and go with the ones that don't make you feel silly and do make you feel better about yourself. Which is tricky! To get you started, and to prove that good hair and hats can coincide peacefully, swing by the salon on April 15, 4-7 pm, where Boswell will be taking orders for hand-blocked cocktail hats, felts, and Panama straws made to size, with plenty of hats on-hand to test, and complimentary bubbles to propel you through the process. Your poor scalp will thank you.

A good start: a universally flattering shape in universally appealing stripes.
  • Brookes Boswell
  • A good start: a universally flattering shape in universally appealing stripes.