Those of you who attended last year's Open Season—an annual showcase that we've been doing to showcase Portland design talent since forever—will recall how the designers practically blew the doors off of Sandbox Studio. Rather than try and top a huge event like that, this year we've been cooking up something a little different....

Open Season is no longer just a one-day affair. Instead we've tapped some of the most well-respected names in Portland's apparel design field to participate in a four-night series of shows (sort of like a mini spring fashion week, but you know, without the loaded term). You'll be able to see the latest looks from an all-star roster than includes Holly Stalder, Liza Rietz, Emily Ryan, Reif, Brady Lange, Pendleton's the Portland Collection, and! A super-duper top secret, brand new collaboration from two of the hugest names in town. We can't tell you who it is, but you can call them: Immaculate Martin.

It's going down May 13, 14, 15, 16, which—I, know—are school nights, but they're all early happy-hour timed shows (doors at 6 pm!), so you can still get your beauty rest. Here's the full schedule and venues:

Monday, May 13: Holly Stalder, Liza Rietz, and Emily Ryan @ the White Owl Social Club

Tuesday, May 14: Reif and Brady Lange @ Produce Row

Wednesday, May 15: Pendleton's The Portland Collection @ Rontoms

Thursday, May 16: Top secret surprise collection: Immaculate Martin @ Dig A Pony