Penny pinching is not particularly a strength of mine, however keeping up with my usual beauty routine lately has gotten to be pretty spendy. In my mind I think “Oh one little lipstick here, eyebrow waxing there.” Before I realize it I’ve spent a sizable chunk of change on my grooming habits. Dreaming of the perfect coral lipstick, but not wanting to shell out $15+ on a designer brand I popped over to my local Walgreens last evening, here’s what I found and how I’m liking it:

Maybelline #880 Electric Orange Lipstick: Comparable to MAC’s extremely popular ‘Lady Danger’ shade, but at half the price! Seriously, this color rocks, it’s the perfect orangey coral of my dreams, not overly shiny, but not flat matte. Don’t forget to compliment the this lippy with a pretty peachy blush—anything too pink will clash with the orange hue.

Roc Multi-correction Eye Treatment: As I recently discovered some pesky eye wrinkles (Aghhh!) I decided to ponder the skincare aisle, where a friendly sales associate recommended this Roc eye cream. I was desperate for something effective and affordable, and this fit the bill.

Sally Hansen Hair Remover Wax Strip: Accounting for monthly brow/lip waxing appointments can be dicey, so enter these handy little wax strips. Ok, so maybe not as glam, but Sally Hansen delivers in the waxing department. I had zero irritation and saved a whole lotta $$$.

L’eggs Silken Mist Ultra Sheer: A cutie customer at Yo! (where I work) recently turned me onto the L’eggs stockings. I’m super fed up with American Apparel $14 tights that rip the moment I attempt to put them on, so L’eggs' $6 price tag intrigued me. I opted for a sheer black shade called “Black Mist,” and although I’ve already managed to get a small snag in them I’d still say they are worth a try.

Studio 35 Oil-free Witch Hazel: A welcome addition to your normal skincare routine, this affordable witch hazel astringent is key after cleansing your skin for the evening.