• OMG Computer Repair

So this may not be a super “fashion-y” post but if there’s one thing fashion fanatics can’t live without it has got to be their laptops- Pinterest, FB, Tumblr, the list goes on. After a very unfortunate accident that involved a bottle sparkling water and R. Kelly’s "Ignition," my little laptop was pronounced dead on arrival at the dreaded “Genius Bar.” With many of my work-related duties surrounding my computer/Internet access/and Adobe programs, what’s a girl to do? Turn to your bestie, obviously. This is when I was recommended to OMG Computer Repair, where my dear friend Anna recently had her laptop resurrected by the skilled hands of Michael Romay. Michael must have heard the sad desperation in my voice when he agreed to take my case late last Sunday evening. Michael worked extremely fast, didn’t rip me off, and in fact did the repair for $20 under what the Apple store was going to charge, and in just a few short hours (take that 48-hour turnaround time!). His vast understanding of both Macs and PCs was utterly apparent upon entering his home office space in North Portland. Needless to say, I’m back up and running and couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Next time your computer needs repair or just a simple tuneup, look no further than this local gem.