If you're a Mad Men (or fashion) fan and you're not reading Tom and Lorenzo's Mad Men fashion recaps—YOU SHOULD. They are insanely smart breakdowns of each episode, told from the point of view of each character's clothing. (And creator Matthew Weiner looooves dropping hints about the show's future through the fashion.)

Here's a great example: In T&L's recap of last Sunday's episode "Better Half," they draw similarities between Don and Peggy's "spouses" (Megan and Abe) through their clothing. Then they go on to hint that Megan could very well be heading toward the same tragic fate as real life actress/model Sharon Tate. Read this:

The bold red star [on Megan's t-shirt] stands in for the bold red gut wound Peggy administered to Abe. There was some initial discussion about whether this iconic-style T-shirt was really 1968-accurate. Not only is it accurate, but it was seen on Sharon Tate in a spread for Esquire magazine the year before (picture NSFW). Janie [Bryant—Mad Men costume designer] confirmed on twitter that this was a deliberate choice. That is INSANELY ominous. There’s a growing sense of impending violence with each episode and we’ve been treated to some stabbing imagery this season (Abe and Stan), so any deliberate references to Sharon Tate are bound to get the hairs standing on end.

For the young ‘uns: Sharon Tate was brutally murdered by the Manson family in 1969. She was stabbed sixteen times. Now go watch Megan’s scenes again and notice how loud the police sirens get in each one. Just to pat ourselves on the back a little (as well as illustrate that this has been long in the planning), we want to point out that when the Season 6 promo pics were released, we noted that “Megan’s going a more California-inspired, Sharon Tate kind of route, which fits her character.”

BRRRRRRR, indeed! We'll keep watching to see if Tom & Lorenzo's theory pans out. (Hope not! I don't care how terrible Megan's teeth are... I don't want to lose her!)