At first glance out the window it would seem that down hoodies should be about the furthest thing from our minds right now, but you'll wish you had one at your first summertime camping jam of the year. WILD is a small local line by Daniel Tiegs, a veteran of the outdoor apparel world who is trying to make his own way in the intimidated world of apparel production. This latest product's launch, designed exclusively for women, is being bolstered by a campaign on Crowd Supply (which has aaaaalmost met its mark, with just three days left to go), and part of the explanation of the project touches on the sometimes vague reality of some of what makes independent design production of this type of garment difficult:

The biggest barrier to entry into the technical apparel market is being able to meet the fabric weaving and color dying minimums as well as the factory production minimums. These minimums are very cost prohibitive, which is why the market is dominated by deep-pocketed corporations. I am able to skirt these minimum issues through my network of partners, but low-quantity orders are still the biggest risk to any apparel project. For example, a low-quantity order could mean the order is given lower priority for color dying at the fabric mill, thus lengthening the time to delivery. The more people who support this project, the less the risk of being deprioritized at the fabric mill.

The cheerful, practical design comes in three different colorways, which contributors can score for the funding-level price of $99 (in the final analysis, the jackets are expected to retail for $150+). Check out the campaign's site for more info and to watch their video.

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