Hmmm, where do I begin… My name is Marissa and I’m a Taco Bell addict. Since moving to Portland I’ve almost completely cut fast food out of my life, but I still have moments of weakness. Usually it involves being drunk, a very nice cab driver ordering for me, willpower being lost, and Taco Bell consumed. My skin, at 32, is worse than it was when I was a teenager, and I’m shocked I’m not 200 pounds considering the amount of sugar I eat. I know that my lifestyle will catch up with me, but more importantly I had a wedding in New York to go to and I wanted to drop lbs, son! Enter KURE Juice Bar to (hopefully) save the day.


Cleanse Day One: I’m bummed that I decided to start my cleanse on Memorial Day, a day most widely celebrated by BBQ-ing and drinking. Thank god it’s raining; I spend the day blogging and watching the new Arrested Development. I’m constantly thinking about food, I think I’m hungry, I’m day dreaming about pizza, and I’m kind of bummed I’m writing about this because if I wasn’t I would’ve already cheated. I text my friend, "I’m doing a juice cleanse I’M SO HUNGRY" and she texts back to watch the documentary Hungry For Change. I take her advice and my mood is instantly lifted, I’m hopeful, I’ve realized that sugar is as bad as cocaine, I’m absolutely doing the right thing for my body, and I’m unstoppable! I finish my fifth and final juice of the day and I’m actually full! YES!

(My one cheat today: I have a soy-au-lait with a bit of sweetener in it. Even though Kure's co-owner, Nate, told me I was supposed to "pre-cleanse" before my liquid cleanse, I did not. He told me that this is the most important part of my experience, and I had good intentions to abide, but instead I drank bottomless mimosas at Club 21. What I should’ve done is cut out processed foods and eaten lots of fruits and veggies, exactly what that documentary was preaching.) Note: Coffee is not a total cheat, Nick the other owner of Kure told me they don't like it because of the acidity, but ultimately this is your cleanse, do what you think is best for you.

KURE babes, can we talk about their perfect skin?!
  • KURE babes, can we talk about their perfect skin?!

Day two and three after jump...

Cleanse Day Two: I’ve lost 1.4 pounds. I can’t wait to pick up my juice at 11 am; I’m drinking water until then. I’ve convinced myself that I will not have coffee today. With the five juices you also get yerba matte tea, so there is actually plenty of caffeine if you need it. This is the first day I’ve skipped coffee in years, and I have a headache. I keep drinking the matte and water and eventually it goes away. Sitting in my office, I’m fine. No temptation, just a little hungry, but more I just want to eat something. I travel out around 4 pm to get my nails done, and feel as if I cannot be trusted. Temptation on every corner: Pita Pit, Sizzle Pie, Starbucks—it doesn’t matter what I walk by, I envision myself going in and getting down. But I don’t. When I get back to the office I down another juice and realize I’m totally fine. Sitting in bed at the end of day two, I’m hungry but hopeful that I’ve lost another pound by tomorrow. We’ll see.

More KURE babes
  • More KURE babes

Cleanse Day Three: Feeling awesome. I weighed myself, and I’m down another two pounds from yesterday. The day was easy: I worked, rode my bike home, packed, and took off for New York. I slept the whole way there, and when I got off the plane I was hungry but barely thinking about food. Day three was really the easiest. I'm not sure if it’s because you know food is coming soon, or if your body is finally happy with what you’re giving it. There was a part of me that felt like I could keep going, and there was a part of me that didn’t want to eat real food, thinking about how little food we need and how much we over consume. And then there was a part of me that wanted to eat all the pizza in NY.

I tried to weigh myself at the end of day three in NY but it didn’t happen. I was positive I had dropped another pound or two but I can’t be certain. What I can tell you for sure is that I lost 3.5 pounds in two days. I only mention that because before I did a juice cleanse that was the only bottom line I cared about. But what this cleanse gives you is better than weight loss. If you take it seriously it can be the start of a beautiful relationship with your body to feed it things that make you not only feel good but look good (sorry, hippie moment). I mean, have you seen the staff of KURE?! Them's some good looking juice slingers.

I did end up eating all the pizza in New York (I was on vacation!) But, like co-owner Nate told me before I left for my trip, "Sometimes ya gotta get clean to get dirty!"