I was bummed to see in the FB news feed that Reunion, one of my favorite adorable little vintage shops over on East Burnside, will be shuttering their doors next month. With their trademark mix of quirky, unusual finds and wardrobe staples at great prices, I thought there would always be a place for Reunion in vintage obsessed Portland, but fuck—what do I know? Of course there's always a silver lining with store closings: the preceding clearance sale. On July 13 at 11 am, all remaining merchandise will be marked down 50%, and all store furniture and appliances will be up for sale, too. There will be live music starting at 7 that evening, and since owners Will Bennet and Tara Swanson live right above the store, they will simultaneously be throwing a garage sale with their roommates. As far as sales go, I think this should deliver lots of good shit.

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