Sword + Fern has started this new thing, curiously called "Discovere'verer." I do not know what that means, I know that they've tapped a ton of interesting people to participate (Anna Korte and Jason Rens, Claudia Meza). Basically it's a guest curating program, where one of these interesting people are tasked with presenting a selection of purchase-able items, sometimes in tandem with events.

For July, Valentine Freeman is taking charge. She is Ace Hotel's Creative Editor in Chief (translation: she does their blogging and social media), as well as the author of What's Truly Is Feral, a book of poetry published in 2011. First (this) Friday at 811 E Burnside (6-9 pm) will be the artist reception, where you can check out what she came up with:

As a poet, Valentine felt drawn to stock the shelves of S+F this month with loads of antique books, many with mysterious messages penned by typewriter, and bound in black ribbon by the lady herself. Expect tiny treasures, lost and then found again ephemera & memorabilia, and shelves overflowing with specially altered books from unknown origins.

Sounds curious, no? I have a feeling it's going to be weird in a really good way. Spooky books! Also on the agenda: a poetry reading event scheduled for July 13, where Freeman will be joined by some of her poet friends. Up next in Anna Korte (of AK Vintage) and Jason Rens (of SuperMaker).

From Freemans inspiration board.