Last night I was chatting with Alicia Wood of the Ms. Wood clothing and accessories line, who just landed herself a new day job at start-up company Carson Footwear, who make—or will be making—running shoes down in Milwaukie, which is pretty amazing. If you're a person who makes an effort to support local, or at least domestic, manufacturing, athletic wear—especially shoes—is one of the most difficult departments in which to evade overseas mass production.

Info online is scarce at this point—their website is just a splash page, and they have all of four likes, including mine, on Facebook, and zero status updates, but I have an email out for more information, including an ETA of the launch. The most important thing to know, though, is encapsulated in the one line offered on their "about" page: "Making a better shoe in the US with all US materials and labor."

I just hope they agree with my knees.

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