Down in Milwaukie—before you get to the traffic-clogging McLoughlin closure—the Warrior Room gym is gearing up for their first-ever female arm wrestling charity event, titled Honey Badgers and Cobras (if you're tall you're a cobra, and if you're "small and mighty" you're a honey badger) on September 14. A benefit for Northwest Housing Alternatives, they're still looking for participants, and have added some arm-intensive classes to their schedule to help competitors get ready.

They've also recruited some familiar faces in the fashion community to compete—there's me, Alicia Wood of Ms. Wood, writer and hairstylist Mandy Zelinka, and most recently they roped in reigning Project Runway hometown champ Michelle Lesniak. I'm honestly going to get creamed at this thing (I can't make it down to Milwaukie too often, but when I do I get my ass kicked and the whole "Warrior" thing in the name suddenly seems very literal), but there will be beer flowing and plenty of food vendors, and general admission is just five bucks ($15 if you want to join the tournament). There will also be $1 impromptu throw downs after the official wrasslin' in case you get competitive after downing a few.

And wouldn't you know, turns out Wm Steven Humphrey is a champion arm wrestler trophy holder who took second place in the 165 lb. division, Reno Armwrestling Championships back in 1996, and he promises to teach me the trick to winning, even against those who are bigger and stronger. Or, as Rob Thompson suggests, I could simply follow this lead (anyone have a chicken I can borrow?).

In the meantime, for Milwaukie's September First Friday (the 6th), the Warrior Room is hosting RAW (Rose City Arm Wrestling), who will be giving demos and free safety courses in this most competitive of sports.