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Woven goods from the Amazon rainforest are headed for the Pearl District, and if you guessed they're fair trade? You are right.

We're building a triple bottom line company, so we do everything we can to stand by the principles of people, planet and profit. The women artisans of Asociacion de Artesanos Manos Amazonicas set their own prices for their goods, which they base off the fair market rates for goods and labor in their area, as well as the amount of effort each unique piece takes. Some of the seeds are difficult to drill holes in, and only grow seasonally, and it takes quite a bit of skill to get the dyes just right. The women quote their prices to Nayariva in their local currency (Peruvian Nuevo Sol) and Nayariva pays them in their currency, accepting as a liability the potential currency fluctuations against the U.S. Dollar. The women receive 100% of the revenue for their products, and are not subjected to any fees, taxes, or shipping costs. Dolly Beaver of Angels of the Amazon facilitates the transaction to ensure that nothing gets lost in transaction, and the cash is hand delivered to the women personally.

There is plenty more information over on Nayariva's about page, but aside from the ethical virtues involved, Vintalier's Ellen Hsu—whose shop is distinguished by its particularly well-curated selection of vintage and pre-loved clothing—was also drawn to the line for being "standout stylish." She's hosting a trunk show of the new arrivals for September First Thursday (Sept 5) from 3-9 pm with Sokol Blosser wines, "gourmet nibbles," and 20-50% off merchandise as part of their extended Labor Day sale.