I am sure you have heard of the famous 3-D dress worn by Dita Von Teese earlier this year, and how the future of 3-D fashion is slowly becoming a reality of the present for the masses. Even though the process of making 3-D clothing and accessories is becoming more widely used, to me it still seemed a little out of my reach, until now. Berlin based eyewear company Mykita has just released a new brand, Mykita Mylon, and they use 3-D printing technology to design and hand-assemble all of their frames:

MYKITA MYLON isn't just a new brand, it's a completely new way of making eyeglasses. Marking the first evolution in plastic eyewear manufacturing in over five decades, MYKITA MYLON is made with a 3D printing technology called Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). The process involves a CO² laser fusing ultra-fine polyamide powder layer by layer to build the eyeglasses in three-dimensions. The result is a material that is one-third of the weight and more than ten times stronger than traditional eyewear materials. MYLON also looks like nothing else that came before it—textural and matted, the material is deeply saturated in rich colors using dying techniques inspired by the garment industry.

3D printing has also made it possible for MYKITA to design a range of MYLON styles that aren't limited by the typical restraints of eyewear manufacturing, resulting in elegant, dimensional styles that play with the ideas of proportion and tradition. From fresh, reductive takes on classic and retro eyeglasses, to lightweight sunglasses inspired by 1940s aviators and 1970s ski goggles, to chic shields that look to the future, the MYKITA MYLON collection melds form and function, tradition and innovation, simplicity and luxury.

If this all sounds amazing and you are just dying to see this in person, you are in luck. Optix PDX is throwing a launch party for the new Mykita Mylon collection today from 1-7PM. There will be beer provided by Widmer, art by Doug Rhodes, a photobooth, and they are even having an Instagram photo contest where you can win a free pair of Mykita Mylon frames. If fancy eyewear is your game, this is definitely an event not to miss.