Mary-Kate and Ashley
  • Trey Laird
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley

In 2013 you are not only tasked with looking presentable IRL but also looking super chic virtually everywhere. Get it, "virtually"! Anyway, not all of us can look as flawless as MKA whilst Skyping, but we can try our darndest. A for effort goes a long way, right? Here are a couple tips I picked up for your perfect online video presence:

1. Lighting is key. You don’t want anything too bright, but also you don’t want to be in the dark. Create a lighting scheme by placing soft dim light near the back of your computer. Indirect sunlight looks natural by day, and if it’s night time a few candles never hurt (always the most flattering light). Stay away from anything too fluorescent or overpowering.

2. Don’t get hung up on the little box where you can see yourself in the corner of the screen. Half the time I Skype I find myself awkwardly trying to readjust my posture or just being like whoa, is that me? The point of your virtual hang is to see the other person, not criticize yourself. So fake it till you make it if you must, and ooze that natural Olsen Skype perfection.

3.Position your camera at a slight angle, ideally anything that is the same height as your forehead or slightly higher. Hey gurl, work those angles! Nine times out of 10 an upward view of your chin isn’t flattering, so find a couple of large books or something to prop your laptop on while you’re getting your chat on.

Have fun and ABN (always be nailing it).