What does a boutique line of fragrances like Imaginary Authors have in common with a bartending convention like Portland Cocktail Week? Whiskey, mostly! IA's Josh Meyer is known for being particularly eloquent on the topic of personal scent, so he seems a fine choice indeed to lead a discussion on "the relationship between whisk(e)y, fragrance and aroma... an opportunity for like-minded women to learn and love a spirit historically seen as a man’s drink."

That's right, this is a ladies-only shindig (excluding Josh, and maybe a few others, depending on how strictly this is enforced... somehow, I doubt it's ironclad). Yep, new rule: all are welcome! It's part of PDXCW's "Consumer Classes," meaning they're open to the public and not part of the intensive, industry-oriented seminars happening currently. This one goes down this Saturday at Biwa, from 2-3:30 pm, and $30 tickets (includes learning, whiskey, and light fare from one of the city's best Japanese restaurants) can be reserved by calling Biwa at (503) 239-8830, or email info@biwarestaurant.com.

Warning: May contain whiskey.
  • Imaginary Authors
  • Warning: May contain whiskey.