Let's get the disclosure out of the way: I help out on the production team for Content, the fashion/art installation show that takes place annually at the Ace Hotel. Given that, I'm going to hand the majority of the writing duties on the subject over to a freelancer, but real quick, the basics: This year's event is taking place at 5 pm on Saturday, November 9 at the Ace, with a pop-up shop taking over the Cleaners throughout the event as well as all day Sunday. Tickets are $15-20, and this year's lineup is:

+ Julia Barbee
+ Bridge & Burn
+ Tanner Goods
+ Reif
+ Crazy Wind
+ Portland Garment Factory
+ Poler
+ Mazama
+ Michelle Lesniak
+ Norwood
+ John Blasioli
+ Liza Rietz
+ Seaecho
+ Hello Eliza
+ Brady Lange
+ Imaginary Authors
+ Shwood
+ Potter's Field Ceramics
+ Fresh Tangerine
+ Honeyfox
+ Seaworthy
+ Night United
+ Cloth + Goods
+ Emit
+ Randi Whipple
+ Lift
+ OLO Fragrance

Hit the web site if you want to dig into the details.