Since the change in season makes me want to spend increasing hours in bed, loungewear is sounding pretty appealing right now. Fittingly, the now-online-only Jane's Vanity is stepping in with a shopping party next Wednesday and Thursday at the Hotel DeLuxe. From 5-8 pm on Oct 30 and 11 am-7 pm Oct 31, they'll be showing off their new fall/winter orders and offering a 10% discount during the event. A bit about the latest acquisitions:

The collections from this fall/winter season have been an interesting balance of vibrantly saturated jewel tones and classic lingerie colors (black, white, ivory, pale pink). The trunk show will feature the latest collections including colorful printed silk pajamas from Olivia Von Halle, rib silk camisoles and tops from Dana Pisarra, exclusive silk lingerie sets from Sybaris, loungewear and outerwear from Derek Rose, the latest lace lingerie collection from Fleur of England, slinky Italian loungewear from Grazia'lliani, silk gowns and robes from Christine Vancouver, and more.

  • Christine Vancouver


  • Fleur of England

  • Olivia Von Halle