Content is coming up on November 9th (get your tickets here) and in the days leading up to it we will be giving you a glimpse into the inspiration and process that went into the spaces of a few of the designers.

The first one up focuses on Michelle Lesniak. Girl has been crazy busy since her Project Runway win, seemingly participating in almost every show in Portland that has happened in the last few months. She often infuses her presentations with theatrics and emotion, and I expect no less from her for this project.

Lesniak's camp did not want to give too much away about the space, but they did tell me that, "The theme is Licorice and Lace; expect a dark and moody birthday parlor." With her last two collections' themes being "Little Girl Lost" and "Decay" respectively, her space seems to be falling in line with the same aesthetic.


Michelle Lesniak