In continuing our profiles of designers participating in Content, next up is Brady Lange. Having launched his line just over a year ago, Lange has made a name for himself with his sexy, dramatic and just plain fun design aesthetic.

Originally from Columbia Falls, MT, Lange came to Portland several years ago to attend the Art Institute. After graduating in 2008, he earned his design chops working for local fashion pillars Adam Arnold and Grayling Jewelry. He says the process of launching his own line happened really organically, explaining that "once I knew I was ready to start it up, things just started to slowly fall into place and piece by piece it all came together." He notes, however, that when it comes to running a fashion line in Portland, "one of the biggest challenges is finding resources. Not that they aren't here, but they just aren't as readily available as in say New York or L.A."

Lange draws design inspiration from past experiences and memories, as well as his muse "Ethel." As he explains, "she is this old woman in a photograph I found in a thrift store. She is hard as nails and wears pearls." Lange says she is a constant inspiration, but adds that "I only wish I knew her story. Like I feel she has traveled the world in a hot air balloon."

As for what to expect from his installation at Content, Lange, like most designers, is staying pretty tight lipped. What he will say is that he's "keeping it clean simple and sexy," adding that "I feel like this installation will be a fun and good representation of my brand, and I'm really excited for it. It should be a rad time!"

  • Cully Wright